Youth front slide

On The Horizon

Our first week we met with our youth and asked them a few questions to get an idea of where they currently are and how we may best support them. This we viewed as being of the utmost importance and a great starting point to where we need to began our journey with NBC Youth.

· Question One: What do you what to learn about?

      · Answer: We would really love to learn about the Old            Testament and Revelation. We have spent so much time on one Paul that it would be nice to learn about other things.

· Question Two: What is the one thing that is important to you in the youth group?

     · Answer: Having fun. The work books we have been using have been so time consuming that is seems all we do is study. These books even had English lesson’s in them, you know, what is an adjective, noun, and things. Last week we did not have a teacher and we got to just have fun. It was the best day we have had in the youth group in a long time.

·  Question: What else would you like to do?

     · Answer: We would like to learn about and play  music

After further conversation with the youth and through prayer we developed the following outline: Sundays will be formal and Wednesdays will be more application type studies where we aim to understand how Sundays lesson applies to us today and within our current environments and experiences. An outline of our Sunday and Wednesday schedules is located on the following page.

We also found that we need to create an outreach and community service program.