Jason Hamill

Jason has been a member of NBC since 2007 and has been involved with our youth and young adults on and off for years. Jason was saved at the age of 16 while attending a youth camp in Florida and baptized after returning to his home, Argyle Baptist Church, in Jacksonville Florida. Jason has served in the military for 18 years, 6 being on active duty, and the remaining being within the reserve ranks. After leaving active duty Jason begin his service as a Firefighter\Medic and rescue diver for the city of Newport News. After serving the city for 9 years, Jason left the fire department to complete his degree and follow a new direction God was sending him on. Jason earned his Bachelors of Science in Psychology with minors in Special Education, Christian Counseling, and Biblical Studies from Liberty University. During his studies Jason completed a semester internship here at NBC. After receiving his degree, Jason began working as a substitute teacher for James City County and Gloucester County Public Schools, gaining experience working with all grade levels within the general education classroom and with children with special needs. While working as a substitute, Jason begin his pre-doctoral studies at Regent University in general psychology and gained an interest in behavioral, emotional, motivational psychology. During the 2015-2016 school year Jason received a job offer as a paraprofessional of special education at Achilles Elementary School.

The following 2016-2017 school year Jason received an offer and begin his first year as a special education teacher at Gloucester High school. During his first year , Jason wrote curriculum for a workplace experience class which strives to provide students with disabilities the skills necessary to transition out of high school be successful within the real world. Jason placed his pre-doctoral studies on hold in 2017 after receiving Gods Blessing of being accepted to the College of William and Mary as a graduate student at the School of Education where he currently studies for his Masters in Art in Teaching and Curriculum with and Emphasis on Special Education. Jason long term goal is to continue his steadies in emotional, motivational, and behavioral psychology and earn his PhD. Jason is currently in his second year working as a special educator at Gloucester high school where is teaches Work Place Experience and Algebra Functions and Data Analysis. One of Jason’s Favorite Biblical Verses is Proverbs 2:6: “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding (NIV).”

Kristen Hamill

For those who don’t know, Kristen is a “PK”. What is a “PK” you ask?  A pastors kid!!! She is Pastor Mike’s kid!!!  Kristen grew up in the church since she was a twinkle in her parents eyes. Kristen started her life in ministry from the time she was put in the nursery as an infant. She grew up through Sunday School, Children's Church, Kids Choir, Girls in Action (GA’s) and Youth Group.

Kristen came to a saving knowledge of Christ at the young age of 7. The day she came forward to make a public profession of faith is a day she will never forget. Her father was in tears with the rest of her National Gardens Baptist Church family. It was a day of happy tears!!

Since that day many, many years ago, Kristen has been walking with the Lord. As she grew up she was always a mommy’s child. She never wanted to leave her side. In elementary school the only way her mom could take her to school was to make her laugh. The most remembered conversation was talking about their loud washing machine and how it was going to take off to outer space. This was the running joke into her teenage years. Being a mommy’s child kept her from going to camp until her senior year in high school.

The experience she had at camp that summer was life changing. That summer she felt a calling on her life to go into ministry and rededicated her life to Christ. She was called to work with kids/youth in some capacity. After this experience she felt a passion to work at camp. With that calling on her life she went to college to study Recreation. With being a mommy’s child again she didn’t want to leave home and go away to school. She applied only to Christopher Newport University and was accepted which allowed her to live at home. With being at home this allowed her to get involved with the Youth Group and Children’s Ministry at Newington Baptist Church.

During her first semester of her second year she found herself having to look for a new school as her course of study was being cut from CNU.  With her calling into camp ministry she knew she had to find a school with the same degree. God sure does have an awesome since of humor as this sent Kristen to Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, TN, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Leisure Studies and Minor in Business Management.

During her senior year at CNC, she did an internship at The Master’s Inn Christian Camp in Altavista, VA.  Her summer being as a camp counselor at the kids camp confirmed her calling into ministry.

Upon her graduation she returned home to Gloucester, VA where she started her career in the Recreation field at the Boys and Girls Club of Gloucester. After a year there she found herself working for Newport News Parks, Recreation and Tourism and remained  for 11 years, and it is during this time that she met her husband Jason. She has just recently started working for James City County Parks and Recreation as the Supervisor of Warhill Sports Complex.

By being local this has allowed Kristen to be involved in NBC’s youth and kids ministries in many different roles. She has been a leader in the Youth Group, organized Children’s Church and worked in the nursery.

God has recently called her and her husband to be volunteer leaders of the Youth Group, following the example of Paul Lawton, who was a volunteer leader for many years while she worked with the youth during college.

She and her husband are very excited to see where God leads them and the Youth Group at Newington Baptist Church. Kristen and Jason have four children: Julian-16, Mia-14, Katie-7 and Kyleigh-4.