Gloucester United Emergency Shelter Team

The GUEST Day Shelter is in full swing and has entered the first full week of operations. However, one of the struggles they are facing is finding volunteers to serve in the day shelter.
The day shelter is a great opportunity to see different people who are maybe coming in just for case management, food or seeking a need to shower and do their laundry but do not have a desire to go to the night shelter. The reality behind this is we are called to influence those amazing people for the Glory of God as well!
So maybe your a homeschool parent who wants to show your child the heart of servitude. Well you can serve in the day shelter and bring your child with you. As long as there is adult with them, they can serve too. Maybe your retired and just want to fill few hours out of the day, we would love to have you! Regardless of the reason, God has a way to use you in this ministry.
If you would like to serve in the day shelter , click the blue button below to sign up.

For more information, go to the G.U.E.S.T. Facebook page,

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