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Sermons For October/November

Our area is familiar with historical battles of the past. The Battle of the Will, however, continues. It is a battle that can bring peace to your life and honor to God. It takes place daily in skirmishes with temptation, and the world around us, trying to flank us and squeeze us into its mold. It is waged in fields named purpose and mission.

The Battle of the Will is not to be ignored. It takes intentionality, faith and perseverance. The devil is persistent, but God is more powerful, and “the battle is the Lord’s". He is on your side fighting both for you and giving victory, “If God be for us, who can be against us,” and “God gives the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” The battle is won in Christ, but the skirmishes go on. How’s your battle going? The Battle of the Will does bring purpose, peace, and honor.

October 5, 2014 Family Matters: Aging Together
Ruth 4:13-17

  Pastor Mike


October 12, 2014

Battle Called Desire
Psalm 40:8

         Pastor Mike

 October 19, 2014

Battle of Costs
Isaiah 53:10

         Pastor Mike

     October 26, 2014

Battle In Priorities
Matthew 6:10

         Pastor Mike

   November 2, 2014

Battle Against the World
Romans 12:1-2

         Pastor Mike