We would enjoy the opportunity to work with your child in our TeamKID Club.

TeamKID is a fun, high-energy ministry that encourages kids to know Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him.  Every part of TeamKID - Bible stories, Scripture memory, life application, missions, and recreation - all connect to teach life lessons to kids.  TeamKID is designed so children learn biblical principles and develop skills that will help them make wise decisions in life.

WHO:  3 - Kindergarten, Grades 1st -3rd and Grades 4th - 6th

WHEN:  Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM beginning September 11th.

WHERE: Newington Baptist Church

MOTTO:  Learning about God, using the Bible, Living for Jesus

TeamKID Shirts:  The shirts must be paid for before they can be given out.  You can bring the money in Wednesday, October 2nd.  If you have ordered a youth size shirt, they are $4.50.  If you ordered an adult size, they are $5.00.  Please bring correct change or a check made payable to Newington Baptist.  Thank you,

Marie Auker, Elementary Headcoach
Cindy Williams, Preschool Headcoach

*If you have further questions, please feel free to contact:

Marie Auker


TEAMKID Leadership:  Grades 1—6
Head Coach:
  Marie Auker
Coaches:  Joanne Hamlin, Lauren Medley,   Doug Hull, Tony Medley
Verse Hearers:  Lillian Cox, Joyce Scherer

TEAMKID Leadership: 3 Year Olds—K
Head Coach:
  Cindy Williams
Coaches:  Jeff Williams, Sharon Shoener, Sharon Shelton

TEAMKID Refreshment Coordinators
Gerri Barry, Cheryl Moore, & Don Moore

Victoria King - 95 stickers
Lauren King - 93 stickers
Chase Burris - 73 stickers
Suzi Breeden - 64 stickers
Kyleigh Johnson - 63 stickers                                            
Destini Baccus - 61 stickers       
Jasmyn Shank - 53 stickers                              

Donald Breeden - 43 stickers             
Dougie Oliver - 40 stickers         
Grace Chapman - 34 stickers                  
Beau Adams - 33 stickers               
Leanora Ware - 32 stickers              
29 stickers each - Brenna Harvey & Joshua Rosadino  
28 stickers each - Emily Rosadino & Peter Signorino               
26 stickers  -Breckin Harvey -
Alexis Huggins - 25 stickers
Becca Brown - 24 stickers
21 stickers each - William Arnest & Joey Bollinger
Rebecca Pratt - 20 stickers
James Germain - 19 stickers
Leigha Germain - 17 stickers
Lucas Sandy - 16 stickers
Carter St. Clair - 15 stickers
Makayla Sandy
Peyton Humphrey
Michael Harshfield
TeamKID:  Kids in Discipleship
TeamKID is a fun, recreation-based club for kids!  TeamKID balances high-energy activi-ties and games with high-impact Bible les-sons Scripture memorization, and life appli-cation.
TeamKID for grades 1-6 includes a mission emphasis in every meeting and utilizes a recognition program that rewards kids for attending meetings, completing Bible-related work and bringing friends with them.
The Preschool TeamKID helps children from age three through kindergarten grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, mental-ly, and socially.  In addition, Preschool TeamKID includes missions, Bible skills, and game time each week.