Sunday School for Children & Youth

Overview of Sunday School for Children and Youth
*Please let us know of any allergies your child may have.


Youth Sunday School - Grades 6 - 12.
Teachers - Consuelo Pyatt, Phil Cortez

This Sunday School Class seeks to increase our knowledge and understanding of God the Father and to facilitate a closer walk with Jesus Christ our Savior.  The way this is accomplished is through Bible study, discussion, prayer, skits, videos, and more.  The goal is to be in the Word and live it.  Our prayer is that just as a rip tide will pull you under the water, we want our teens to be drawn into the Word and stuck in it.  Not forcefully, like a rip tide, but by opening up the Bible and helping them see the wonder that is God's word.

Youth Sunday School is set up on a rotational basis.  The two groups are simply girls and guys split into different rooms.  we use the Life Way material "Known."  Known deals with real life things that happen to our teens and what God's Word says about them.  We want to be doers of the Word, not just hearers.




4th and 5th Grade Class
Teachers - John Anderson, Gerry Berry & Paul Raterman


1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Class
Teachers:  Kim Cortez, Tammy Presnall & Becky Presnall

Each Sunday, at 9:00 am, we come together to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and how we can live for him.  We do fun activities and crafts to help the children apply what they have learned.  There are several different activities that we do with the children to help reinforce what was taught in the bible story each Sunday.  These activities are interactive and fun for the children.  We play games and do various crafts to help in the learning process.  The entire class is involved in prayer time, activities and sometimes snack time. 


Three, Four and Five Year-Olds
Teachers: Heather Adams, Sandra Crone and Jerry Young

The three, four and five year-old class teaches basic Bible truths through interactive stories, games, crafts and music.
Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."
Luke 18:16, 17


Nursery - Ages Newborn to Two
Teachers:  Cindy Williams, Jeff Williams and Katie Presnall