Sunday School for Adults



The Friendship Fellowship Class
Teacher - Ellis Hall, and assisted by Robbie Steele

"Ageless Men"

This is a class of men - age unlimited.  We study the Bible and LifeWay material to enrich our everyday lives and increase our spiritual growth.  Our class meets together each Sunday morning from 9:00 am - 10:00 am to share and study God's word.  We encourage each other and feel it is important for all to share with others in open discussion.  We help to support all the ministries of the church as well as participate in community activities.  Our purpose is to honor god and be spiritual witnesses within our church family and in our community.  Our class is located downstairs.


The Broaddus Class
Teacher - Lillian Cox, and assisted by Joyce Scherer and Linda Hornby

The Broaddus Class is a class of older (seasoned) ladies who meet each Sunday morning to share and study God's Word.  We use the Smith and Helwig scripture material and the Bible to learn and renew lessons for our every day lives and increase our spiritual growth.  We like and encourage everyone to share and join in our discussions so we can learn from each other.  We feel it is important for all to share with others and feel they are a part of the class.  We also help to support two missionary couples and the work of the Hope Tree - The Virginia Baptist children's Home in Salem, as well as many projects and ministries of the church.  You will find the Broaddus Class a caring, dedicated group of ladies just as the couple for whom it was named - Willie and Anne Broaddus - who served the Lord at Newington for many years.



The Seekers Class
Teacher - Alan Douglas, and assisted by Eileen King and Dottie Hogge

The Seekers Class is a serving class and has members that sing in the choir/praise and worship, serve as leaders of Bible School and serve on church committee's such as stewardship, counting, flower, hostess, personnel, nursery, pastor search and greeting.  We have members that serve as AWANA leaders, Deacons, Sunday School Superintendent, Trustee, Teacher of various classes and Disaster Relief workers.  Our ladies are involved with the WMU and Ladies Bible Study.  We are also very active with our visitation to our senior members.  Our greatest joy is to be able to help others, including families of class members, members of our church and families outside the church.  When we hear or know of a need, we always try to help in whatever way we can.
We use the Master Works, Bible and other supportive materials.  Our class is for all, working and retired.  We welcome everyone.


The Trinity Class
Teachers - David Presnall, assisted by Mike Poole

"Where Jesus Is Always The Answer"
We believe in the Holy Trinity; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Our class answer is always "JESUS"! 

We are guided by the Bible, God's holy word, with our study literature being Master Work by LifeWay.  Master Work seeks to identify key biblically based messages that have come out of the heart of God's servants.  The Trinity class uses Master Work to support the Lord's work of knowing God, transforming believers, and growing our Sunday School class ministry.  We believe in FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ;  F is for forgiveness (we cannot have eternal life and heaven without God's forgiveness), A is for available (Forgiveness is available for all), I is for impossible - (It is impossible for god to allow sin into Heaven), T is for Turn (Turn means to repent), and H is for Heaven (Heaven is eternal life).

We take care of each other, thru constant prayer and uplifting assurance that we'll be there for each other.  Our class has a continuous email prayer chain where we can all be reached at one time.  we all have a phone list where if we need to talk to someone, we can be there for support.  We are all class member caregivers.  We try to do a class fellowship as often as schedules allow.  We have been blessed to always have a wonderful Christmas Fellowship at someone's home.   

Our class has no age limit, anyone is welcome.  Most of our members range in age from the 30's to 60's.  We average 19-25 class members each week.  Our class members are involved in all aspects of the church.  Deacons, Sunday School teachers, Church Council Members, Choir, Praise Team, Nursery workers, Hospitality, Greeters, Angel Food and Library volunteers, and Committee Members are just a a few examples of what our class members are involved in.  For those who feel led, an offering is taken each week to contribute towards the Church Maintenance Account, and a General Fund for special need donations throughout the year.
We meet during the church Sunday School hour, beginning at 9:00 am.  Our classroom is located at the very end of the hall to the left of the sanctuary.


The Fish Class
Teachers: Brian and Shannon Burris
"Faithful Individuals Serving Him"

"Follow Jesus and he will make you fishers of men"
We study from God's word and various study guides learning how to apply God's word to our daily lives.  As a class, we are experiencing how to use God's truth and apply it through our jobs, family, friends, and all the "stuff" the world tosses us.  Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are able to share and witness how God is working in our lives and everyone around us.  As a class, we laugh as we learn and even through tears, we support each other and hold each other up as a family.  College, single, and married.  No age limit.  Everyone is welcome.  We meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 am in the downstairs corner away from the fellowship hall.

Winsome Class
Teacher: Melaney Hall 

This is a class for senior ladies.  We meet downstairs.