GUEST Schedule

G.U.E.S.T. Program: Nov. 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015
CONTACT PERSON: Mike Horrell (693-5888 or 815-7972)

Over the course of last winter, the GUEST program provided shelter for 30 people. We helped some to get on their way, and some to find a job. There are still many we did not reach.

December 15, 2014 thru December 21, 2014
January 26, 2015 thru February 2, 2015
March 9, 2015 thru March 16, 2015
{Other host sites: DAV, Ebenezer B. C., First Presbyterian Church, Gloucester Point U.M.C.}

6 PM—11 PM: Check-In
11 PM—5 AM: Overnight
5 AM—7 AM: Check-Out

MEALS TO BE PROVIDED: Dinner, Breakfast and a Bag Lunch
{Groups are needed to provide dinner or breakfast/lunch}

VOLUNTEERS: Would like to have at least 3 (one male, one female, third person either gender) per shift. Contact Mike Horrell (693-5888 or 815-7972) Email:

We will also be starting a day shelter located in a house near the Moose Lodge. The shelter will operate 7 AM—7 PM, with an occupancy of 15 people. There will be showers and laundry for GUEST to use.

Susannah Wesley Methodist Church: October 5th 4:30 PM—6:00 PM
Newington Baptist Church: October 19th, 4:30 PM—6:00 PM

  Newington Baptist Church, Main Street
Site Coordinator: Michael Horrell, 804-815-7972,

First Presbyterian Church, Main Street
Site Coodinator:  George Miller, 804-694-7671,

  DAV, Short Lane
Site Coordinator:  John Perez, 804-824-4439,
  Bethany United Methodist Church, Hayes Road
Site Coordinator:  Nancy Orth, 804-832-2232,
  Ebenezer Baptist Church, Harcum Road
Site Coordinator:  Kristie Askew, 804-694-0509,
We have a GUEST cell phone that travels from site to site.  The phone number is 804-824-3631.  It is only turned on and answered during the shelter operating hours of 6:30 PM - 7:00 AM