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A Re-Visioning Report: Where to from Here? Lets Talk...

Road maps are useful, both the fold out kind you get free at rest areas, or the digital maps on your phone or GPS that give you turn by turn directions. The maps provide directions to reach a destination. When we began the Re-visioning process this time last year to seek direction to move forward into the future as a united, healthy body of Christ on mission together, I dont think any of us could see where it would lead us, or how long it would take to get there. It took us a while to choose a trusted consultant, and God led us to Rev. Ken Kessler to help us.


Using a survey called the TCAT Transformational Church Assessment Tool we gave responses in seven areas of church health. Using our responses, Rev. Kessler then presented us with a compilation and interpretation of the results. He affirmed strengths on which to build. The four areas that became priorities are:


1. Vision Clarity & Unity

2. Disciple Making Strategy

3. Prayerful Dependence

4. Mission Engagement


Since the Fall, progress has taken place in three of these key areas. In (1) Vision Clarity and Unity, work continues on a single image or logo for publicity and print materials. A graphic designer advised, make consistent what you already have. A more prominent logo and a new smaller bulletin is part of that work. In (2) Mission Engagement a new Mission Policies document was adopted, and one new mission work begun by members, the Highway-to-Heaven Biker Church. For other Mission Engagement simply look at the front page of this newsletter. (3) A Disciple Making strategy guided in the job description and calling of Brian to be Pastor of Children, Youth and Fami-ly Ministries. Pastor Mike and a team of discipleship leaders will be giving a disciple making strategy significant attention in August. Prayerful Dependence is to be worked on. Prayer is crucial for being in and doing Gods will.


Sometimes on a journey you encounter new factors that can affect your journey and slow you down or even change your course. On road trips, traffic, weather and mechanical failures can be challenges to arriving on time. Jesus took those moments in stride, such as when a woman in a crowd touched him, slowing his journey, but lead-ing to a great faith moment. In the NBC re-visioning journey the process of searching for staff slowed us, but led to a unanimous consensus of who we wanted to be on the Pastoral team providing leadership. Your pastors are working in unity on the Re-Visioning priorities.


A couple of other bumps in the road are affecting our re-visioning journey. First, changes in law on marriage will now require time to reflect on how it may affect the way we do ministry in some areas. A second bump is the un-expected resignation of our Newington Courthouse Preschool Director, Arleene Hawkins, due to health issues. It has us scrambling to get ready for a new school year.


I am excited about the progress we have made, but it is taking longer than expected. This report along with other items, including some possible building use changes and renovations, will be part of A Church Family Forum Wednesday, July 8, at 6:30. We start with a dessert fellowship and then open the forum for discussion. Where are we headed? How will we get there? What are the costs? Healthy discussions are part of a healthy church family. I hope to see you there.


You are invited to a:

Church Family Forum on Wednesday, July 8, @ 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall


On Mission Together,

Pastor Mike