From The Pastor's Desk

July 2014


In a recent article I read entitled, “How To Fit Mission Into Your Schedule,” the author says that mission is not one more thing you add to an already busy schedule. Mission is not one more thing on the to-do list, “Mission is my schedule.” He was saying, as you go through life you are living Your Story. Mission and faith are not additions to your life that you choose to tap into once in a while. You do not have another separate life or Story you live. Every day, as you go through life you live your faith in mission. He is saying your responsibility is to make the grace of Christ visible with every opportunity that comes your way, by the words you speak, the gospel you share, the touch of your hand, the tone of your voice, and even by the look on your face as you live out your faith representing the One who has “sent you” every day. Mission is your life. It is never separate from who you are as a follower of Christ. All of life is sacred. 


With the affirmation that Mission is your life, there are times that God gives assignments as part of your life mission for a particular task or focus outside of your regular routines. July includes some events that are focused times, both local and international where people have sensed a special opportunity outside their normal routines. July is also a time when our church looks forward to the 2014-15 church year and considers how to serve at Newington. These are God-given life opportunities that can be part of Your Story. 


            INTERNATIONAL: 8-17 Orphan Helpers Honduras Team


LOCAL: 13-19 IMPACT VA @ Newington Baptist Gloucester, VA


      21-25 Vacation Bible School at the Gloucester Learning Center – Glo. Point


                             28-8/1 Vacation Bible School at the Gloucester Learning Center - Courthouse 


CHURCH: Praying and saying “Yes” to serving on one of our Ministry Teams, Committees, Councils, Teaching, or Church Officer Positions


There are many aspects of life that compete for your time, energy, and resources. It works that way within the church also. To be sure we as a church family are one in mission; a motion was made and passed at the April Quarterly Business Meeting to enter into a time of Re-Visioning. It was further stated that a coach would be sought to lead in the Re-Visioning process and presented for approval at a following business meeting. July 27 is our next Quarterly Meeting, and Rev. Travis Collins of the Virginia Baptist staff, representing “The Center for Healthy Churches,” will be presented to give guidance in the Re-Visioning process. More details will be given at the meeting.


We have many new members, and we live in different times that are challenging for living our life mission. I am looking forward to seeing who we are corporately and individually, and how God is working in our midst, Our Story in the midst of God’s Story. 


Pastor Mike