From The Pastor's Desk

October 2014

Pastor Mike’s Memo: What’s Next

What’s next? is a question pondered by many about many areas of life. That question can provoke paralyzing anxiety and fear in some, frenetic activity from others, and intentional strategizing and preparation on the part of a few. As a church we need to be part of the few.

A popular phrase for moving forward is, Here we Go. We will get there soon. However, like the disciples waiting for Pentecost, we have currently chosen to make this a time of prayer, examination and re-visioning. After this time of talking to the Lord in prayer, building fellowship, and uniting around a plan built upon God’s will for Newington, then we can say, Here we Go. I am enjoying conversations of what if..., we should..., and why don’t we... Caring church members are initiating most of those conversations. Those informal discussions are already hatching ideas for improvements, better practices and faithfulness. They have already created an enthusiasm in me for hearing the results of the TCAT (Transformational Church Assessment Tool) survey, working with leaders to put together a plan in response, and presenting that plan for adoption and prioritization by the congregation. Then we can say, Here we Go.

I encourage you to keep praying, keep listening for the Spirit’s leading, and participate in the both the TCAT survey and the follow up revisioning conversations.

Two dates to keep in mind are:
October 12 - TCAT Survey Deadline
October 22 - TCAT Survey Results Presentation.

The presentation night will include time for dialogue by all present prior to the November 9 Leadership Retreat where a response plan will be drafted for a November 22 Congregational Presentation following worship and a covered dish fellowship meal.

Your prayers and participation are contributing significantly to the ReVisioning process.

Joyfully serving,
Pastor Mike